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5 tips for creating an engaging brand

Brand is everything, your brand is your business, it is how people perceive you, how they identify you and how they connect with you. Creating the best possible brand is a core business function. Here are 5 tips for creating a brand with deep insight that will generate interest and engagement :

  1. Customer focused- a good brand understands who the target audience are and is designed to appeal to them. The audience you are aiming to attract needs to be at the core of your brand, it has to attract and hold them.
  2. Brand consistency- Every part of your brand, from your name to your logo, needs to be consistent, they need to work together.
  3. Positioning- a good brand will be ‘positioned’, it will be created with awareness of competitors and is created so that it is differentiated from them, with a key insight that shows your customers you know them.
  4. Simplicity- all good brands are simple, they try to evoke one or two emotions, they try to express one or two values, too much will result in confusion.
  5. Same across different mediums- a good brand will be able to be used in a variety of mediums, from radio ads to newspaper ads, from TV ads to internet ads, while retaining cohesiveness.