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  • Marketing Connxtion gives you access to a multi-disciplined team of professionals, who have worked with some of the biggest names across a host of industries. ​ Now you can unlock a tool box of experts who can identify what's right for YOUR business, opportunities to grow YOUR business, and develop and create a new direction whilst embracing YOUR vision. ​ From concept design, product match, customer profiling, research, logo design, financial modelling and database management, Marketing Connxtion is the business partner that can work with your business from launch, right through to full operation. ​ Connect to practical business and integrated marketing solutions which makes a REAL difference to your bottom line and gets results.

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Social Media Power Tips

Jun 16, 2021

Social media management, especially in small businesses, can often be just another task on the list, however when managed effectively it can deliver compelling results. To help you on your social m...

What is the Customer Journey?

Jun 16, 2021

A customer journey map is an incredibly useful tool to understand and improve your customer experience.  A great customer journey map documents your customer’s experience from your customer’s ...

How to plan an event

Jun 16, 2021

Creating an event is a great way for a business to get new customers or clients or thank existing ones. You want your event to be a huge success, so follow these tips ...

6 ways to run an email marketing campaign like a pro

Jun 16, 2021

Email campaigns are a powerful marketing tool, used properly. As with any means of marketing, misuse can backfire. Here are 6 ways to run an email marketing campaign l...

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We offer our clients the flexibility of focusing directly on the operational aspects of their business, leaving the challenges of implementing and executing a compressive marketing program to the Marketing Connxtion team.