Top 10 tips

1.Target your market:

Know your audience, understand their needs, their interests, their income and how they spend the money. You can never know too much about your customers, even how they spend their spare time will help you land a clear message, through the right media channels. How can you provide extra value?


2. Know your customers journey:

Customer journey mapping is a management and marketing tool which provides an insight into the processes customers go through before, during and after making a purchasing decision. This information can make it easier for you to identify new opportunities and outsmart your competitors.

3. Unique selling point:

What is unique about your product or service? What will make you stand out from your competitors, and help customers choose your brand above all others?

4.Know your competition:

Keep a close eye on your competitors, and know what they are offering and consistently review how you can out smart them.

5. Keep it simple:

Simplify your message in all communication, so it’s clear what you’re offering and make it relevant, engaging and fun!

6. Call-to-action:

What’s your call to action? Obviously, you want your customers to do something ie; purchase your product, visit your web site etc. Communicate a clear and easy call-to-action so your customers know exactly what to do to find out more.

7. Align your product & message:

Authenticity is key! False message make the company seem untrustworthy which is often a deal breaker. Craft an honest message by really looking at what your product communicates and offers.

8. Media:

Are you using the most effective media to catch your audience? Ask your customers how they heard about you and review what’s working and is the most effective use of your resources.


9. Purchase:

You could gain a competitive advantage by understanding and accommodating your customers’ preferred method of payment such as EFTPOS, credit card, etc. Splitting your prices into different payment plans could also make your product or service more attractive to your customers.

10. Ask for the referral

Ask your customers what they liked about your product or service and if you can help them further or even if they know someone else who may benefit from your product. When you get positive feedback ask for a testimonial and use that to promote your business.​

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