What they Say
Exactly what we needed

Marketing Connxtion was exactly what I was seeking to take sales and marketing awareness to the next level. They provide a tailored approach, implement within tight time frames and are responsive to our demands. This is an excellent example of boutique marketing.

Lindsay Birley
CEO Asia Pacific
InXpress Pty Ltd
Theoretical knowledge into practice

Computer Crisis Centre has acted as Marketing Connxtion’s IT service provider since the company launch. Marketing Connxtion is a pleasure to work with and shares insights across all spectrums of business management with growth strategies which grow their clients business and develop their partner’s client base, so everyone wins. Meredith is professional, social and easy to work with. The Marketing Connxtion team work to develop innovative strategies within competitive timelines which are achievable and reach objectives. True to her business Meredith has referred Computer Crisis Centre to her clients. Computer Crisis Centre hopes to continue as Marketing Connxtion’s IT service provider and business partner for many years to come.gulsan

Jason Whitting
State Sales & Marketing Manager
Peet Limited
Approachable and Knowledgeable

The Marketing Connxtion team are easily approachable and knowledgeable about all facets of marketing and are a pleasure to work with. I have learned a lot from working with Meredith and her team and I highly recommend Marketing Connxtion to any company.

Max Collins
Social Media Business Boosters
Switched on marketer and business person

I have worked with Meredith for the past 5.5 years as a supplier of media services to her and her valued client InXpress in the franchising sector.
In all my dealings with Meredith I have always found her to be extremely professional and a switched on marketer and business person. I have dealt with a lot of so called “marketing managers” over the years and it is very refreshing to actually to work with Meredith as she “gets” it and is a true marketer.
I always enjoy my dealings with Meredith as she has a great business mind and a wonderful sense of humor, which goes a long way in my books especially in the hectic world of business. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone looking for a professional, period!

David Strong
National Sales & Marketing Manager
Franchising Media Group
Key to Success

The Marketing Connxtion team have a huge knowledge of property development and project marketing from hands on experience from global companies such as Stockland and Lend Lease along with a long list of boutique developers. Meredith has the skills and experience to ensure that projects are professionally and successfully promoted to achieve sales targets and is a valuable member when producing project strategies. I could recommend Meredith enough, she is a key to success

Troy Bremner
Creative Director
Clear-cut, to-the-point process

With over a 15 years of first-hand marketing experience, Meredith’s approach to complex marketing tasks is a clear-cut, to-the-point process. Her ability to simultaneously satisfy the needs of the community, stakeholders and service providers to agree and perform for the one common goal is truly remarkable. 

Strongman Digital Media has had the honor of working with Meredith on multiple online projects, utilizing digital media to glue the brand, residents, and others that would benefit, into a thriving social marketplace.

Tomer Garzberg
Managing Director
Strongman Digital Media
Forward thinking and well conceptualised ideas

I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and for, Meredith Ham from Marketing Connxtion on numerous occasions over the past eight years.  Her forward thinking and well conceptualised ideas have provided me with clear direction to produce events that capture and enhance whichever marketing campaign she is crafting.  The team at Marketing Connxtion are switched-on thinkers who find solutions with apparent ease!  Understanding brand, promotion and demographics so well puts their team at a distinct advantage when launching or rejuvenating any product.

Penny Krishna
p3 events PTY LTD

I had the pleasure of working with Meredith at Stockland for many years. While we worked in different locations I always admired the approach and innovative ways Meredith took to delivering solutions in a very difficult market on the Gold Coast. 
So when I needed additional help with key projects some time later, I didn’t hesitate to call in Meredith who had since started Marketing Connextion. True to form the projects were delivered without issue and outperformed set objectives. Needless to say I would highly recommend Meredith & Marketing Connxtion to anyone who needs a dedicated team marketing professionals who gets results.

Richard Guiver
Strategic Marketing Manager
Hastings Deering

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