Social Media Power Tips

Social media management, especially in small businesses, can often be just another task on the list, however when managed effectively it can deliver compelling results. To help you on your social media way, here are some tips to kick start your social media voice.

1. Plan and Objectives
Like every element in your business you need a clear plan and objectives so you can measure your efforts. Create a social media plan and identify the channels you are focusing on. Begin with just one or two social media channels and when you feel like you have mastered that you can include more. Facebook now has approximately 1.71 billion monthly active users worldwide, and it’s a fairly easy one to use and monitor, so if it suits your target audience, it’s a good place to start. Creating a social media marketing plan will set you up for success, and help you to avoid any social media mistakes.

2. Social Media Audit
Almost every business has some sort of digital presence, google your name and business and evaluate how you customers may already perceive you. If you are already using some social media channels consider how well they are working for you. Should you consider changing your content or even closing the channel and switching to something which fits your brand and your audience?

3. Be Engaged
How are you going to engage with you audience? Review previous posts which have been successful, listen to your customers and what they are asking. It will give you some great content ideas. Become an industry leader by creating your own content and sharing your own ideas and experiences.

4. Social media is social
Be proactive on your social media, like your customers comments, like their pages share their content and prove to them you’re listening. It’s a social media complement!

5. Traffic for Results
Let’s get real! The point of all marketing activity is to drive leads and sales, social media is no different. Ensure your content encourages customers to visit your webpage and when they get there give them some great information in the form of blogs, special offers or useful tips, your web page will thank you. If you are sharing other URL’s use a shortening tool to keep your posts short and snappy.

6. Measure Your Success
Do a monthly review of your results. Consider the posts that gave good engagement and reach and the ones that didn’t, then you can use that information for your next month’s plan. A content management program will help you post to various places with just one click and ensures your message is consistent and measured.

Skimping out on social media can pose a threat to your company’s overall marketing strategy. The 3 key things to keep top of mind are be proactive, always listen, and be engaging. If you have fun with your social media so will you customers.