Corporate Communications

When it comes to launching your great ideas, Marketing Connection is there every step of the way. We develop a multifaceted framework around key business objectives to establish an approach to successfully land your message with employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. We work with you to;

Establishing communication pillars and develop strategy

Develop & implement key messages and narratives across the customer journey

Custom and integrate branding

In-house consultancy

Design and deliver signature activities and campaigns targeted to demographics and geographic areas

Review, evaluate and measure engagement – sociability, tone, depth, impact, sustainability, reach

Development and management of information sharing platforms

Event design, co-ordination & delivery

Collaboration with Councils, Community Groups and Stakeholders

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Marketing Solutions tailored to suit every Property Project

If you need the flexibility of focusing directly on the operational aspects of your project, now you can leaving the challenges of implementing and executing a compressive marketing program to the Marketing Connection team.